Want a great video for your band with perfect sound and picture quality? Well, you came to the right organization that will do just that.  We have the ability to cover any event…be it a live remote at your favorite venue, a family wedding, or school play.  We employ multiple Sony HVR-Z5U High Definition Camera’s which add a bit of flair in the editing process, as well as their ability to capture your project even in the lowest natural light. This ensures that your video will always look and feel outstanding. And, we utilize top of the line Condenser and Cardiod microphones such as Neumann, AKG and Sennheiser, to ensure your audio is up to snuff.

With John Blashill being a Producer/Sound Engineer and Video Editor he gives us an extraordinary advantage by having the Forty plus years experience of being on both sides of the spectrum.  He’s also an accomplished Musician/Singer/Songwriter that has an outstanding amount of experience working with the top of the line equipment featured…“in and out” of the Recording Studio environment.  Along with his partner and Co-Founder Toni Tone, we utilize Final Cut 10 and Logic Pro 10 to make your projects quick, easy and in your hands in the shortest amount of time.

We are also capable of going wireless audio-wise, and we can mobilize to any indoor – outdoor venue you may have in mind.  So if you are entertainers, we’d be happy to go on location to shoot your promo video and provide a sound perfect, look perfect Demo for your future bookings. Just click the link buttons above for examples of our audio recordings and HD video shorts…We are sure you won’t be disappointed.


Mac Pro Computer’s

Sony HVR Z5U HD Camera’s

Final Cut Pro 10

Logic Pro 10

Ramsa 8816 Mixing Board

Focusrite Interfaces

Bose and Behringer Speakers

Line 6 and Marshall Amps






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