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Big Al’s Music Company : “The Gregory Tapes”

  • March 24, 2018


Big Al’s Music Company was a band whose members all originated from the South-Eastern Michigan area;mainly Detroit and Pinckney, but had located themselves in the quaint western town of Gregory Michigan. It was there around the period between 1979-1981 that they built a 8-track recording/rehearsal studio where they locked themselves in and proceeded to hone their craft; which was writing songs, and learning how to perform AND record them.
The live performances seemed to spawn out of nowhere sometime later, after a fair amount of time and personal commitment from all involved. And even though that 3 year period was constantly challenging these gentlemen to stay committed and carry on through some hectic times, they were still able to capture on tape a good handful worth of original material. This being said, after continued persistence from key figures, we received the permissions required to begin the process of transferring the analog tapes over to the digital realm.
We at Blashill Audio Video offer here a few of those songs that were recorded oh so long ago, in the hopes that they might give you a taste of what was happening during those changing times for the band, AND Rock’n’Roll as a whole. Big Al’s Music Company is comprised of : Jimmy Grant on Guitars; Brian McNiven on Guitars and Lead Vocals; John Babij on Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar; Terry McNiven On Bass, Acoustic Guitars and Lead Vocals;and Dan “Lee” Pilarski on Drums and Percussion. The whole story continues……

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